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No matter the package, we make it fit. We appreciate that the “one size fits all” approach is not sustainable when it comes to IT services, and can be inefficient from both an operational & cost standpoint.

Client First Solutions offers a variety of IT services to companies of all sizes.


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Formulating IT services packages which guarantee efficiency and continuous functionality can be challenging when adding scalability to the formula. We know from experience that no two businesses require the same IT solutions. This is why we allow clients to select individual services to add to their package, ensuring their infrastructure remains online and secure.

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24/7 Service Desk

A 24/7 IT service desk means no matter what direction your business takes, Client First Solutions are dynamic enough to ensure the level of support is continuously aligned. This gives our clients the confidence to make business-critical decisions, alleviating the common worries of support surrounding their infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

We guarantee accessibility no matter the severity. Due diligence is key, therefore we ensure to carry out a comprehensive technical fact find prior to the implementation of any disaster recovery solution. Whether you secure your data in the cloud or on-premise you are only ever a click away from overcoming any unforeseen disaster.

Data Backup

Your data is your business and you are nothing without it. That's why we ensure your data is not only backed up on an agreed recurring timed basis, but also encrypted and stored within local separate data centers. This ensures your data is safely stored safely from data thieves, but also means your well on your way to being fully GDPR compliant.

Hardware Procurement

Rapid growth requires a rapid response. Hardware is at the heart of any efficient business. We have taken the time to develop trusted relationships with the market-leading hardware manufacturers. This means no matter which market place you are situated in, Client First Solutions are able to source and implement the required hardware into your current IT infrastructure.

Ongoing Technical Consultancy

Ongoing being the key term, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is monitored live as this enables us to be proactive in providing assistance with the ever changing technical world. Should you be running Office 365, G-suite or one of the many other hosted platforms, we take the necessary steps to assure your business remains in the know.

Project Work

Should you wish to implement a completely fresh IT infrastructure or move your current one to a new location, we are your replenishment or removal team. Our site engineers appreciate that days offline are days wasted. This is why we offer project work round the clock 24/7. Training will also be provided to those larger infrastructure changes.

Onsite IT Support

Whilst the majority of issues can be resolved via remote access, sometimes they exceed online/ remote access support capabilities. Or, sometimes you simply want an experienced body on-site to assist you. Our team of IT specialists are not only experienced within their field but experienced in communicating at all levels.

Cyber Security

With 200 billion devices connected to the internet as of 2020, the need for effective cyber security solutions has never been greater. Hackers automate attacks through bots, malicious websites and emails, with attacks occurring every 39 seconds. We work with industry-leading experts and technologies to ensure our clients remain safe and secure.