8 January 2020

Leasing Your Company’s Hardware…

Leasing Your Company’s Hardware: How You Can Stay on Top of Technology

In the ever-changing world of IT and technology, there is almost no way to guarantee your company will constantly be able to stay on top of evolving trends, new equipment, fresh developments, and the latest hardware without spending thousands of pounds on all this new tech. Or is there?

Taking into consideration how many people are working from home now, as well as how many people rely on IT equipment in general for work, there is always a huge demand for the latest hardware and at the lowest cost. The best way to achieve this is by leasing your hardware. Not only is this a wholly more cost-effective way of acquiring the latest and greatest, it’s also a way of getting the right readily available equipment to your employees now that hardware prices are going up and they need to have the best resources to propel your business forward no matter what.

Leasing vs. Buying

The beauty in leasing hardware lies firstly in the cost. Where buying the latest laptop as the next one comes out to keep your employees working on the most up-to-date hardware is extremely costly, usually with a detrimental effect on your company budget, leasing hardware not only ensures the latest hardware is used by your employees, but the impact on your pocket is great, too. There is no initial cost involved – only a monthly amount to pay for the extent of the contract, and at a fixed, pay-per-use rate.

Here is a more concise list of the many advantages of leasing:


As mentioned above, leasing means you only pay an amount each month to essentially ‘rent’ the equipment you want to use. This amount is determined through a consultation which aims to define the number of laptops, printers, keyboards, mice, and so on is necessary for each employee to do their job. Further, this monthly interest rate is fixed rather than floating, so instead of fluctuating bills like with a bank loan, your predetermined monthly payment will help you budget better, plus there is no initial payment involved!

Updated Equipment

There’s no setback quite like an outdated machine unable to perform a task essential to your business operations. This hassle is completely wiped out when you lease equipment, as any hardware leased is guaranteed to be the latest and best of its kind. Whether it’s a desktop, a laptop, a mouse, or even a printer, you get the best at a price equalling a fraction of what you would have paid should you have bought the equipment. It’s important to keep in mind that most IT equipment has a very short lifespan, only staying relevant for around 3 years before becoming outdated compared to the ever-evolving newest hardware on the market.

Downtime Disappears

Possibly one of the very best advantages for a company choosing to lease their hardware, especially considering how efficiently your business has to flow to stay relevant in a world plagued by economic uncertainty, leasing provides a new level of picking up where you left off with your tech. Where older equipment ages and becomes slower and incapable of optimal performance, costing you precious time, leasing the latest equipment ensures you’ll always have the newest hardware in your hands.

What’s more, is that the new equipment can get to the necessary people in your company in under 24 hours, plus setting everything up so you can get back to work faster and better than before.

What About My Data?

You may be concerned over what happens to your data after the old hardware is taken away by the leasing company. If you make use of a reputable company that is well positioned in the market and has an established way of service, you can rest assured that any and all data belonging to you is wiped from the old technology to military grade standards – that is, your company and client data is safe.

Additionally, where you would have to find a way to dispose of your old tech in a safe and ecologically mindful manner, the responsibility doesn’t fall on you when leasing. It is up to the leasing company to recycle or dispose of the hardware when your contract has ended.

At the end of the day it’s up to you to decide how you want to provide your employees with the very best and in the most affordable way possible. Keep in mind that in our age, the era of ownership is dwindling as we become savvier with our money. Perhaps in the future, everyone will take after some of the greatest companies to exist today and forgo the ownership of assets. Think Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and Uber.

Consider taking a refreshed approach to keeping your business up to date with the latest tech, and particularly when providing for remote workers by making use of the best resources available to you.  Feel free to reach out to us by hitting the contact button below to find out the hardware leasing options we have available. 


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